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More External HDD Space, Fast? 1024 576 Customatic

More External HDD Space, Fast?

Space. No I am not talking about the final frontier. I’m talking about a different void which video editors need to survive. External hard drive space. We fill them up fast, and as technology advances and cameras get better, their trade off is file sizes become massive.

So let me paint the picture. You have an edit you are about to start. Ingesting footage, downloading assets, you know how it is. Quickly you realize this project is going to need more external HDD space. Just one problem. All of your external HDD’s are full. So here is a quick fix to your problem if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user. Keyword is “Adobe”.

Step 1: File location

So if you set up your Premiere projects like I do, I create a folder where I store the project file. You are going to navigate to this folder in older projects. (Where you save your project file is where you need to be)

Step 2: The culprit

You are looking for folders that are called “Adobe Premiere Pro Videos Previews” & “Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Previews”

These folders and files within them can get pretty big. If you go through old projects deleting these you can possibly free up a huge amount of space on your hard drives. I have been able to free up over 200 GB on one drive by doing this.

These files are not vital to your project and will not affect your project by deleting them. These files will build back up as you continue to work in your project and render preview.

That’s it! I hope that helps if you are in a pinch and need the space quick.